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Are you sick of the negative press on Law Enforcement?  Are you embarrassed to tell someone you just met what you do? Or worse, you do tell them and they go, OH you’re a first responder. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel empowered? We all know the answer is NO. Now consider the possibility you tell someone you just met that you are in Law Enforcement, and they respond, thank you for putting your Life On The Line for me and my family, as they raise their hand to shake yours in heartfelt thanks. How does that make you feel? Does it create feelings of empowerment, of pride, of honor? Of course the answer is YES. This is what The Life On The Line Movement is about. The rebrand of the term First Responder, and bringing back pride and honor to our profession. This is NOT only for Law Enforcement. Let’s make that clear.  That was just an example!  This is for anyone who puts their Life On The Line. Military personnel, active and Veterans, Fire and Rescue, and Corrections.   
What do you have to do?  It’s easy. Just tell people you put your Life On The Line and be proud of what you do again. Tell it like it is and tell the truth. Political correctness is, and has been, destroying this country!  Leaders can’t lead because they’re afraid to make the right decision! Children aren’t ready for the harsh realities of the real world because everyone gets a trophy! It’s time to stop the madness, and it starts right here! Right now with you! 

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